On this page, you can see statistics about your customers, orders made through the webshop or POS device, best selling products, etc that can give you better information about your customers' behavior.
- Total orders statistic shows all orders made into your shop.
- Completed orders statistic shows ll orders with the status “Completed”
- Total customers statistic shows all customers that have registration into your shop
- The cost of inventory in stock (COI) shows the worth of your total stock in case you fill it in the product page.
- Total profit statistic shows the sum of all sold products minus the price you purchase them (their COI)
- Total Epos sales statistic shows all orders made through a POS device
- Average order value statistic respectively shows the average value of all orders. It shows the value separately for e-commerce or orders made through POS devices. If you select the option “All” you’ll see the average value between the two other options.

You see all this information displayed in numbers and in different charts, too. You can see statistics for different years and months, even. When you choose month one of the statistics show you sales, orders, and registrations per day, and the other the statuses of all orders for the month.

On this page, you can see also a statistic that shows you the 10 best selling products in your shop. You can search for a specific product or filter the best selling products for a certain period of time.
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