Creating Coupons

This page is about creating discount coupons. You can find it in the Marketing menu. 
To create one you need to add:

Coupon name
Coupon code (this is the phrase that customers will have to write to use the coupon)
Discount type - percentage or fixed amount (percentage discount can only be an integer, i.e 25, 19, 33)
Discount amount
Min subtotal to indicate when coupon can be used
Start and end date
Select which categories or products coupon to be active for

You can't save the coupon if some of the fields are empty.

There are some additional options you may find useful. 

Free shipping - If customer uses this coupon and the option is active, it will make the shipping of his order equal to 0.00
Only one per customer - If active, the option won't allow customer to use the same coupon twice with the same e-mail
Apply to discount products - If active, the coupon can be used on discounted products. Otherwise, it will not be applicable.
Active - With this option you enable or disable the coupon

Coupon History
When the coupon is created a new tab becomes visible, called History. There you can see how many times the coupon was used, from which user and when. There is also a link to the concrete order.
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